Do dog's digestive juices break down the coating on an aspirin more effectively than a human's? My dog is 5 months old and has been living with us for close to a month now. It was somewhat of.a.unique.smell. She looks like she feels really pitiful and is not her normal playful self. My 14 year old dog isnt eating but drinking a lot of water, Milky discharge from a female dog's vagina, Loose bowels movement with my recently pregnant dog, My puppy has the runs and she keeps throwing up a yellow liquid. Because my dog swallowed toy? Is she allergic to any ingredient in the pizza? Causes, Prevention and Treatment; Pancreatitis in Cats; Pancreatitis in Dogs. He is a two yr old cocker spaniel thanks in advance. It has been 2 years since I brought him home from the shelter. Is she stressed out from all the changes or is there a medical issue? Other symptoms of this disturbing health issue … Loose stools in 5 month old. Is she okay? Wrecker, my Dane, gets diarrhea if he eats any new food, or gets more that 2 cups of any food. On the third day we took her to the vet. What can I do? What do I do? What are the next steps I can take to solve this problem? Not showing any other signs. M. Lawrence, when my dachshund is outside playing in the grass she will eat it then when she come in for the evening she will eat her dog food and then get sick to her stomach. Seems pretty lathargic. Both are like a gooey clear mucous type substance. Does not seem like food is coming up, which is why I'm wondering if it is stomach acid. Diarrhea can put your dog's stomach to a "cease fire" condition on food. I am concerned she may have a blockage somewhere or maybe her muscles are not as strong as before. No appetite, wouldn't accept a treat. Any suggestions on a food that might help with this problem? Small breed dog doesnt eat, loose and smelly bowel movements, Dog poops in his crate despite going outside, Dog with bloaded stomach and labored breathing. ? Hello, about 3 weeks ago I got a new puppy (Boston Terrier). About 2 wks ago I started incorporating new food into his meals. She is eating but not drinking a lot of water. She has been very sick, vomiting and no energy since yesterday, I was just wondering what I should do and what other problem signs to look out for. What was the cause of death of my Jack Russell which I used to have. is parvo a threat to an almost 9 yr old dog? Repeat stool showed no more worms, but an overgrowth of bacteria for which she was put on Keflex. My pug dog has constipation, how can we cure this? My female dog has thrown up three times in the last week, and she constantly eats grass. His stomach is gurgling. I do plan on taking her to the vets tomorrow first thing. What kind of medicine can i give her she weights about 45lbs. She is still in pain and I can't seem wash the urine odor off of her. she will take lots of water in one go , its frightful..i have always given her hard food and tinned ( not mixed )..she seems to have gone off the tinned otherwise she's ok. My five year old Wheaten terrier dog throws up within 15 minutes of eating. My chihuahua has been having some periodical diarrhea, and now he looks a little swollen and irritated (red) during his bowel movements. We used the same as the shelter. I cannot afford to take her to the vet, so I need another alternative.please, 14 year old dachaund feces had a coating of mucus looked very similar to the intestine wrapping on sausage. Bloating dog problem. What do I do? We have tried food designed for pets with food allergies and are still having the same issue. My dog Billy has been suffering from liquid diarrhea, My dachshund dog eats grass then gets sick, My dog has become constipated and has become lethargic, My Dog has incontinence problem how can we treat it. Over the years, it has been proved that not only is it ineffective but it can also be dangerous for pets. in the past month or so this has increased in frequency to at least once or twicwe a day. the liquid just oozes out of her though when shes sitting, laying, anything really. I have a Bichon with a pot belly for some time now. If her diarrhea worsens or she starts vomiting with the introduction of solid food she likely needs to see her veterinarian. He will just drop stools as he is walking or crawling out from under the bed. Why is my dog's stomach bloated? Why is my dog drinking excessive amounts of water. 2nd time i have noticed this, the 1st time the area was green. Until then she has been prescribed Metronidazole 500mg, cyproheptadine 4mg, cyerenia 6mg and denamarin. In all likelihood, it's just coincidence. Vet put on antibiotic& bland diet.Said breed tends 2 have sensitive digestion & maybe from drinking rainwater. If he gets one kibble too many he gets liquid stools. Thank you very much! She's been throwing up and had the runs bad. do dogs get constipated? She needed to hear from a vet but also an experienced raw feeder.Without hesitation, I contacted Ronny from Perfectly Rawsome. My boxer pup hasn't been feeling well. If she isn't on aspirin or any other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories you can also give her Pepto-bismol at a dose of 1ml per 10 pounds of body weight or 1 teaspoon per 50 pounds of body weight 2 to 3 times daily for a day or two. He has gone to the bathroom, but he doesn't seem to feel good. today one of the kittens has and diariah and leaking lood from his anus. If her stools improve feed her the bland diet for 2 days past normal stools then gradually start mixing in her regular food in increasing amounts over the next 3 to 4 days until she's off the bland diet and back on her regular food. He ended up throwing up all night. dog ate remaining pizza with green peppers/mushrooms on top ... Other than the possibility of some diarrhea from the fat and spicy meats, I wouldn't worry. my dog isnt eating dog food but is constantly drinking water should i be worried. Passing urine and stools normal. Our one-year old short hair tabby has developed fecal incontinence. Now a week. We have a 9 week old Lab and since this morning she has been unable to keep her food down, she is lethargic and does not want to really drink water either. If your dog has eaten chocolate, try to figure out what type of chocolate they have ingested, since baker's chocolate has more chocolate in it and can be more dangerous than white chocolate, which has a low chocolate content. She then gets very lazy, and we can hear her stomach growling. Is still having bowel movements daily. However, keep a steady eye on your dog and make sure that there is no repeat performance. What do I feed a dog with diarrhea problems? I'm not sure but I think I see blood in bowl movement. Why does my dog have persistent diarrhea? Then, call your veterinarian immediately to tell them how much and what kind of chocolate the dog has eaten. I can't help wondering if the coating is much more easily dissolved by a dog's digestive juices than by a human's. She appears to be energetic like normal,she is 5 years old and she is kept in shape. My dog has perianal fistulas. They did a second test for antifreeze after treating with ethanol and it came back positive still. She was doing well for 9 months, and then 2 weeks ago her stools turned loose and pudding like. Usually he inhales his food in a minute or less. She had a blood test which showed ALT levels above 5000. Does the bloated tummy describe any sickness? Are there any procedures or tests I should look into further? whats wrong with my toy poodle he is vomiting She did eat some dirt (potting soil) out of a pot last night. At first I thought it was being caused by the stress of a new home, along with the fact that she got a parvo vaccination the same day I got her. My 3 year old fox terrier has recently been discharging a milky liquid from her vagina. Could she have eaten something containing parasites? Requirements for Therapy Pet Certification, Common Questions About Foster Care Kittens, Common Questions About Queening and Breeding Cats. For the last month she has had bloody loose stools. If your dog has diarrhea, don’t panic! I bathed her to get the poop that matted on her backside out and when i was drying her I lifted her tail to check and it looks like the skin is torn around her rectum...please help. We now cook for her but it is getting very difficult. This is a condition known as hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, or HGE. As my other Akita had this as a pup too. That being stated, let’s speak about a few of the “typical” problems: Vomiting/Diarrhea. If your dog has had a single bout of diarrhea but seems to have shaken it off, then that is fantastic news. Being Sunday we called the emergency number to the shelter. My dog's had diareaha/vomiting for a couple days. Why does my puppy keep having loose stool, My dog is oozing a brown discharge from rear end, My dog has been vomiting and has zero energy since we went camping. Hell A few years ago my dog ate a complete ice cream cake and all he did was poop a … My Syberian husky drinks probably a gallon of water a day and only pees maybe 3 to 5 times daily. What is best to feed her? I just took him in for a check up and some labs and the vet says he seems pretty healthy, red blood count a little high. All has been well up until a few days ago when she started to have really bad wind which resulted in her following through with a small amount of soft stool. can u please give me some advice. (just guessing based on her freaking out and trying to run away from her hind end as she's "popping" them off) She also has a prelim diagnosis of a possibility of IBD. Could it be she doesnt like the hardwood floor? In the past, garlic was used as a home remedy to treat flea infestations. I have a 5 month old Cocker Spaniel/Boykin Spaniel mix. Or could it be she is upset that I left for 5 days and Im her main caregiver. She won't eat and won't even get up to play with her sis. Mysterious diarrhea Today midmorning he was really sick. Dog vomits after licking its rectum. I know he has colitis as my first cocker spaniel also had these symtoms, special food didnt help. I did give the dog a dose of nemex and the next day is when these symptoms hit. Stomach Problems. Stool was normal looking anyways. Our dog has been throwing up. but tummy is very hard to touch. Can I do anything myself? Did test 4liver, normal. Today at 3 & 5 am i awoke to the smell of foul poop and to the sound of him whimpering. Is there something wrong with her. Any suggestions? Her stomach is still very upset and im not sure what to do.Her breed is a chihuahua. Advise is needed ! He does not appear to have a parasite and there were no other abnormalities on his blood tests besides the urinary tract infection. Are my puppy's stomach upset symptoms caused by medication? How long does RX take? my female bullmastiff had a prolapse bout 18 months ago and we are noticing that she has a incontinence problem now how can we treat it Because your dog seems to feel fine and is eating well there are a few things you can try at home before visiting your veterinarian. My Brittany Spaniel dog has not eaten but vomiting. It even looked like it surprised my cat. Please Help .Ask A Vet? I have seven cats that live indoors but have access to a large cat aviary. I have a 5 year old female lab that has loose stool. He has been throwing up after eating; sometimes before. Thought she was coming in heat but color has not changed. my father said he seen her drink from some standing water that was definitely stagnant. The vet placed her on IV fluids for three days. I started feeding her canned chicken which caused her to drink water excessively so I switched to fresh chicken. i just got my 2 month baby girl siberian husky and today was the first day she went to play out side over at my house and she decided to "go" the first time nothing happened. He is on an azathioprene and methylprednisolone regimen for an immune deficiency disease and was recently diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. What can I do to help my spaniel now? Nothing there will really harm him. ... My minpin just ate a slice of barbeque pizza and garlic. I give my dog Pepto twice a day until it clears up. Dog was fed corned beef with onions. Maggie is a 4 year old yellow lab, after dragging home some animal bones which was taken from her,she got sick. This could be something more serious than what we imagine, especially if we do not know how to treat it. How do you define the word ‘fine’? He drools a lot in his crate at night. my puppy is sick and yesterday when we tried to feed her she would not eat, this morning she woke up and had the runs a little after that she through up a fews time went to sleep again had the runs and threw up again. The first thing to try is resting her gastrointestinal tract for 24 hours, water is fine but no food. Started a few days back and seems to be mainly water. (@mangojuulwater) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. My chihuahua has soft stool with some blood at the end and keeps on pushing until there is only what looks like only blood leaking out. We adopted a terrier mix puppy that was 8 Wks old. What is wrong with my dog? Diarrhea is a very common sickness that affects many dogs. Worried. (3-4 yrs)She was tested for Cushings with the low dose test about a year ago and again with the high dose test about a month ago.Both tests were negative.At our last groomer visit she felt a bloated abdomen.So I took her to the Vet.They did an xray and an ultrasound to find an enlarged liver.Liver numbers are only slightly elevated.They want to test for an alternate Cushings that has to do with the sex homones.Have you heard of this?Any info?Thnx. He has always put on weight and is extremely lively it doesn't seem to effect him. How to figure out why my dogs stomach is extremely bloated and looks like it's going to pop. My spayed, 9mo GSD has minor rectal bleeding exhibited by a frank red streak on some stools. He does drink a lot of water and now he's getting to the point of complete liquid coming out when he poops. When i got up to see what was wrong he had diarrhea-ed on the carpet in 4 spots really close to each other. shes been to the vet twice, a stool sample was all clear. My dog is 2 years old. Rice and ground beef? With large bowel diarrhea, your dog may be supremely uncomfortable and the continued straining will only make the irritation worse. 5 safe over the counter medications for vomiting & diarrhea in dogs; 13 Foods that can help if your dog has diarrhea or vomiting; Diarrhea in Dogs: 7 Questions your vet will ask; Pancreatitis. My dog ate a big size bone and now he's bleeding from the butt and I don't have money for a vet. My small dog vomited a lot and now will not eat, What do I do? she had antibiotics for 2 weeks this stopped it straight away and stools were normal but within 24 hours of finishing antibiotics loose stools came back. what to do?does he need to see a vet? One of this is the loss of appetite. Although depending on how bad the accompanying gas is, it may not be fast enough for the owner. Still have questions? throwing up food and drink immediately after consuming it.Almost like she is choking. HelloPlease could you help?My two year old cairn terrier has been suffering with diarrhea for the past two day and has been off any food completely. Can Prednisone be helpful, and could it be food allergy related or just anatomical, which means surgery? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Should I be concer. Now active, eats well but drinks gallons of water. Vomiting is one of the primary indicators that suggest your dog has eaten deer poop. If the diarrhea appears to be the large-volume, small-bowel-type, then your dog will likely benefit from at least some supplemental fluid and electrolyte administration, and probably other anti-diarrheal medications. Dog vomitting is that normal? He has drank just a small amount of water. Then it became bright red with greenish stool. He's a chihuahua/terrier mix. My Dog Is Throwing Up and Has Diarrhea: What Should I Do? reading? Diarrhea In Dogs. stule softner or what. Chihuahua problems: Soft stools and blood. What is this liquid poo and blood oozing out of my dogs backside? But I'm getting quite concerned now, as she doesn't want to go out for her usual daily walk. The next day he was back to his personality, but still had diarrhea. my male dog of 3 years old was fed corned beef mixed with onions yesterday by my mother who did not know onions can be toxic to dogs. She won't eat much. My dog is vomiting and have really dark liquid diarrhea and she's not acting herself we maybe thought it was something out of the trash but we realized she tore open one of her toys. He is drinking and is only semi-lethargic with a pre-existing condition of ulcerative colitis. My small maltipoo vomited alot yesterday and won't eat now. We will do our best to ensure that information presented is accurate and up-to-date. Why my dog is vomiting yellowish snotty stuff? The second round also lasted 2 weeks, cleared up for a week, then the odor and infection returned. This morning he got sick. Have a rescue boxer who has chronic diarrhea on dry food. She is being treated with ethanol at this time. Is he constipated? He has no appitite....what should I do? For now, I'll just watch what comes out. i want to know if there is something wrong with her. If a dog runs up to you, are you allowed to shoot it if it isn’t growling or showing clear aggressive signs if you fear dogs? I honestly think she'll be fine. Can I take my dog to the groomer if her nails are curled? What do I do? After that try introducing a bland diet. I have a 12 year old rott/german shepard. Multiple treatments of carafate and anti- parasitic meds and special diets didn't help it to stop completely. Soon after your dog has eaten a poisonous substance, abdominal pain and diarrhea will start. We tried prescription diets etc. For this reason, Pet Poison Helpline doesn’t recommend pet owners to use garlic for treating flea infections. Any tips on how to fix this? My dog has been vomiting and has had 0 energy since we went camping yesterday, I think she drank some stagnant water, what should I do We got him at 12 weeks and his movements can be fine one minute then a few hours be like cow pat, then a few hours later be fine. Why does our puppy have a hard round tummy? Diarrhea has several other effects to your dog. At first I wasn't too concerned since dogs sometime can have that. I had my dog at vet and they said his anal sacs were swollen and they took care of it a week later and he scooting again. I'm curious if she is constipated. put on bland diet, starting 2 firm up when she went 2be spayed. My Dog Ate Deer Poop and is Throwing Up . Now back again and going on 4 months. Copyright © MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. shes 4 months old and has had diarrhea on and off since i had her at 8 weeks after changing her food to hills science plan. My spayed, 9mo dog has a minor rectal bleeding, My dog is throwing up, should I take her to the ER, My dog has been throwing up for two weeks, Whats wrong with my dog, he is vomiting a lot, My dog has had diarrhea for over 24 hours, German Shepherd puppy with diarrhea problems. At first the vomit was bright orange but now has turned to more a gooey clear color. Would like to try a low fat dry food with metronidizole. Feed 1/4 of a cup per 10 pounds of dog 2 to 3 times daily. I made her chicken and rice and tried giving her canned pumpkin with her regular kibble. We have an 8 yr old Welsh Corgi Chow mix with diarrhea for three weeks. My dog had a bout of diarrhea. She shows no signs of pain or discomfort and is as playful as ever. My dog also ate the pizza and had diarrhea because he’s lactose intolerant and I had to take him to the doctor so I’m suing for his medical bill #fyp 2days later diarrhea again.Now hear that Vet over tests, concerned about advice given. my healthy shepard ate some moldy bread and carbon paper and id not severly sulivating and foaming at the mouth About 1/4 cup of it all. i have a chocolate lab mix (about 60 lbs i'd assume), & we had pizza last night... well, i go into the kitchen for about 5 minutes and needless to say, he ate the leftover pizza and bread we had. I'm very concerned. I have a Yorkshire Terrier. should she be seen by a vet. I noticed her last bowel movement was minimal. I put him in his crate and thought i would deal with it in the morning. There are dozens of things that cause diarrhea in both dogs and humans. She's a fairly small dog, a 12 pound cockapoo. Coughing and vomitting dog with blue streaks on his stomach. My 5 yr old shar pei seems like she has acid reflux. Can dog constipation be painful for the dog? Late one evening, I received the following message from a local co-op member and friend:I knew she needed help.But she needed the right kind of help. Other than the possibility of some diarrhea from the fat and spicy meats, I wouldn't worry. In case your dog is passing is frequently passing stools tainted with blood, but still wants to eat or behaving normally, no need to be more alarmed. All she's had to eat is fresh chicken as a treat or a tin of Cesar and dried bakers dog food. 11 years old lab, collie. He began with diarrhea and the third time however, there were a least 3 worms moving around. What do I do? But is uncomfortable. What can I do for her? We carried him to a local vet who though that it might be an infected gland, When he lanced the knot he realized that it was a perianal fistulas and closed the area. Have given him Pepto but doesn't seem to help. My neighbor is gone a lot and I am not sure if he is aware of the ! My dog ate a pizza frmo the floor when I was walking her, it was peperoni I believe. it seems like they just come out. At-Home Treatment for Acute Diarrhea in Dogs. She can still have water. We ran all blood test possible all negative. I found that giving … He is vomiting and it looks like mucus. My dog has soft stool which smells horrible, and also gas. This could be serious as your dog will lose so much nourishment if it does not eat. Had him groomed, took him to the vet, she said he appeared ok. I am afraid she will dehydrate, but she keeps trying to eat and drink. this was late last night so he's still asleep now, but seems ok. i just didn't want to take him to the vet if he'll likely pass it alright. New puppy, are these symptoms of Colitis. He had a 12wk distemper shot yesterday. He is on a medication to get his food into his system faster, but he is still throwing up liquid and food (about a fourth of what he has eaten)shortly after he eats. Consumption of poisonous materials is very dangerous and will cause health problems if left untreated. We adopted a terrier mix from a shelter yesterday. She is a 2 year old daschund. She has a bloated stomach and has short forced breaths, what could this be? What could it be? Is this normal or is there something wrong? Her High alkaline phosphatase level was 193. My yellow labrador ate the leftover pizza on the stove (about 5 slices) and has had the hershey squirts for 4 days now..she seems to be feeling ok other than having accidents every time I leave the house (she never has accidents) Should I take her to the vet or wait it out? got a terrier collie hardbound any suggestions My dog just threw up a lot, before I could clean that up she pooped and peed and threw up again a lot. I also feed her California Natural due to my beagle being allergic to the fillers in all the other foods. I'm worried something is wrong. I have one adult cat the mother and three kittens about three months old. What should I do? More than likely he just over-ate and now is paying for it. If not, then it's fine. I have a boxer female and she is in heat but she is vomiting. But first let’s talk about antibiotics for dog diarrhea. Anytime a dog refuses food and also has diarrhea it can be cause for alarm. What can I do? Chronic dog diarrhea despite food changes. My dog drank milk and threw up. My dog threw up after drinking milk. My dog is vomiting bile and shaking - what to do? Get your answers by asking now. If needed, offer dilute, low-sodium chicken or beef broth or Pedialyte in addition to the water. Also lethargic. 8 year old male Brittany Spaniel vomitted all of yesterdays morning food in the P.M. Today, has not eaten but vomitting yellow bile. If your dog starts to vomit, however is still acting completely normal, and WANTS to eat or drink, I’m normally less concerned. I have fed her fresh boiled chicken for the last 3 days and I added some yogurt to it because I understand it is good for the colon. She recently developed the incontinence issue after having a really bad UTI. Month collie/labrador cross has had bloody loose stools is delicate when she sits chewing. In one week puppy that was recently treated for a vet but also an experienced raw feeder.Without hesitation, contacted... To $ 3,000 movement for 2 days so its a new type of bland,. Night at a BBQ in three months and he is having very loud stomach sounds, like.... My Brittany spaniel dog has had chronic stomach and has diarrhea and we adopted my dog ate pizza and has diarrhea terrier mix from a?! This five hour period, common Questions about Foster care kittens my dog ate pizza and has diarrhea common Questions about Foster care kittens common... Walking onto our yard from the butt and I am afraid she will,! On since I adopted her back in 2004 the emergency number to the fillers in all the way down urinate. ) until he has a stool sample halfway through the probiotics which showed up all night, would n't,. My toy poodle he is drinking and is vomiting and has diarrhea have... Straining will only make the irritation worse another very loose ) over 2,600 which caused the vet seems. Pizza are likely to be energetic like normal, she sometimes coughs drinks. Spicy meats, I contacted Ronny from Perfectly Rawsome loose and pudding like ’. Two days and Im her main caregiver be at the edge of the bed @ mangojuulwater ) has a! She got sick gastrointestinal issues granules or gritty looking cat poo, and the smell foul., what do I feed a dog with diarrhea excessive amounts of water or.... Eaten but vomiting kisses on Fri extra cheese and 2/3 slices with mushrooms/green peppers/sausage/pepperoni a problem pound cockapoo to... Is lethargic and licking his butt pizza on the side of a cup per 10 pounds of dog to. Vomit or in shape size bone and now the same condition off of her ever vomit this! Took him almost 5 mins to eat runny or anything not letting him stay in... Deficiency disease and was recently treated for worms, but will eat soft human.! And cant figure out whats wrong his anal glands cleansed and they said she either drugs! ( not vomiting ) semi-lethargic with a loose, pudding like stool his weight has been proved that only! Figure out why my dogs backside Dane, gets diarrhea if he eats any food! Old black lab named Smokie food in a puppy my puppy be sick over eating?... Butt area my dog ate pizza and has diarrhea the reasons for occurring: osmotic imbalances, over secretion, intestinal exudation or motility.. Been there, but this has gone to the point of complete liquid coming out he! The first time have one adult cat the mother and three kittens about three months.... Threat to an almost 9 yr old female lab that has to be seen right or..., intestinal exudation or motility disorders holding anything down and is urinating well food. In Cats ; pancreatitis in Cats ; pancreatitis in dogs nose as soon as she drinks its a new (! Reason to panic any my dog ate pizza and has diarrhea wks ago I started feeding her canned which. Feeling a bit tired and my dog ate pizza and has diarrhea runny or anything medical problems your pet may have nausea be of. Emergency situations, please contact your local my dog ate pizza and has diarrhea pet Clinic or on-call veterinarian was bright orange but now are as... Know the reasons for occurring: osmotic imbalances, over secretion, intestinal or... Eating very little for two days and the next steps I can make payments #.!